Become a Business Sponsor

As a registered charity we rely upon the generosity and kindness of our local businesses and community.

One thing which makes a huge difference to the running of Wellington Cottage Care is sponsorships from local businesses.

Become a Business SponsorThis can be in the form of;

A donation of gifts or services for use as raffle prizes

Donation of time, skill and/or resources such a IT Skills, Gardening or Decorating

A monetary donation to the day care centre

Ongoing sponsorship

There really are so many ways in which local businesses can get involved here at Cottage Care. 

All businesses that are generous enough to help will have their own profile listing in our "Friends & Supporters" Directory. The profile includes a link to your website, your business contact information and full details about your services. 

We will also share this page across our Social Networks to publicly acknowledge and thank you for your help.

You can find out more information about Tax Relief for businesses that make charitable donations by clicking here

Our web company, Tazamo, also offer a 25% discount on all web design, social media and seo work to any business that gets involved with Wellington Cottage Care in any way.

Enquire about becoming a business sponsor