Medical Care Needs

Cottage Care TeamWe are a nurse lead team and we are able to offer highly specialised care to the individual needs and requirements of our guests. 

Our facilities allow us to accommodate even the most high dependency of guests ensuring that they are safe, comfortable and have everything they need.

There is always at least one trained nurse on duty at the Day Care Centre so assistance can be given with medical care needs.  

For example, insulin injections can be given and guests who need to bring oxygen can be accommodated.

We also have dedicated equipment for assisting with mobility, personal care and other medical needs.

If you or a loved one would like to enquire about a FREE TRIAL DAY at Wellington Cottage Care and join our team and guests to experience what we have to offer, simply give us a call on 01952 243796 or drop us a message and we'll be in touch.


To help provide high quality care for our guests we are always appreciative of any donations, sponsors or volunteers. If you would like to get involved, and find out more about the ways in which you can help, just click below.

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